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quarta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2013

Lou Reed, Bob Mould e Lou Barlow resenhando os discos novos de Kanye West, Phoenix e Black Sabbath

Não tenho como e nem quero superar os tantos textos que têm aparecido sobre Lou Reed desde sua morte no último domingo, de manhã ("Sunday Morning"?). O que posso fazer no máximo é relembrar algumas das vezes que já mostrei aqui no La Cumbuca alguma coisa sobre o mito.

Mas passeando pelo site oficial, me deparei com algo que talvez já tivesse conhecimento antes, mas não tinha me chamado atenção: "Lou on Kanye's Album". Com dois cliques somos levados a uma resenha de Lou Reed sobre o álbum Yeezus, de Kanye West.

Essa resenha é uma das muitas publicadas pelo site The Talkhouse que tem como subtítulo "musicians talk music". Além do Lou Reed sobre Kanye West achei mais algumas críticas interessantes de músicos adorados aqui pelo La Cumbuca.

Lou Reed sobre o novo disco do Kanye West

"There are moments of supreme beauty and greatness on this record, and then some of it is the same old shit."
"No one's near doing what he's doing, it's not even on the same planet."
"Still, I have never thought of music as a challenge — you always figure, the audience is at least as smart as you are. You do this because you like it, you think what you're making is beautiful. And if you think it's beautiful, maybe they'll think it's beautiful. When I did Metal Machine Music, New York Times critic John Rockwell said, "This is really challenging." I never thought of it like that. I thought of it like, "Wow, if you like guitars, this is pure guitar, from beginning to end, in all its variations. And you're not stuck to one beat." That's what I thought. Not, "I'm going to challenge you to listen to something I made.""
"Usually the Kanye lyrics I like are funny, and he's very funny here. Although he thinks that getting head from nuns and eating Asian pussy with sweet and sour sauce is funny, and it might be, to a 14-year-old — but it has nothing to do with me. Then there's the obligatory endless blowjobs and menages-a-trois."
"If you like sound, listen to what he's giving you. Majestic and inspiring"

Bob Mould sobre o novo disco do Phoenix

..."on Bankrupt!, the palette of sounds is larger than normal, there’s more information packed inside the songs, and it’s tough to distinguish the difference between organic and synthetic tones. In particular, it’s hard to tell how much of an impact drummer Thomas Hedlund — an absolute dynamo in the live setting — is having on the finished work."

Lou Barlow sobre o novo do Black Sabbath

" The drums, argh… They got Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine, and he certainly is precise. But being precise — is that Sabbathy? No. Bill Ward's loose '60s-style, jazz-influenced drumming was a defining part of the band."
"Retro sounds are in — and if they can make Adele sound like Dusty Springfield, why not make Black Sabbath sound like, oh, I don't know, Black Sabbath?"
"The first song off 13, "End of the Beginning," has echoes of "Living for Today" (from 1973's Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) and a nod to "Black Sabbath" (the song). It's not bad. It sounds a whole lot better than Ozzy solo stuff — less produced, more up-front, less tainted by the polish of nu-metal."

Buzz Osborne (do Melvins) sobre o novo dos Stooges
"Ready to Die proves to a guy like me, who's been playing and writing music for over 30 years, that my original instincts were correct. You follow your heart and trust that you've got the ability to create something that matters. You dig it out of the dirt."

E ainda tem Laurie Anderson sobre o novo Animal Collective, Duff McKagan (Guns'n'Roses, Velvet Revolver) sobre o novo do Kiss e mais um ou outro artista um pouco mais conhecido dando suas opiniões sobre lançamentos recentes.

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