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terça-feira, 5 de outubro de 2010

Pelo Mundo: O.C.O. em Nova Iorque

O.C.O. = Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda.

Em abril de 2010, na turnê norte-americana que fizeram.

Sobre esse show, o New York Times fez uma resenha. Quem souber inglês, Leia aí:

It’s been a while since a band from Pernambuco, the state in the northeastern promontory of Brazil, made a deep impression in the United States. People will tell you about the singer Chico Science, who died in 1997, and his fantastic band, Nação Zumbi. They’re still missed. Their aggressive, guitar-and-drum-centric Brazilian rock burst with sound and imagery about the complexity of Brazilian cultural identity, about limited resources and technological curiosity. It also sounded good on a beach.

But those old heads from the ’90s generally only know about it because Chico Science’s records, released worldwide by Sony Latin, made their way into our market, and because the band toured our major cities. The Pernambuco scene, once incredibly promising, has since grown murkier for North Americans. Brazilian small-release CDs are hard to come by, and it’s rarer now to see a Pernambucan band make a northern invasion.

A new and encouraging sign, though, comes from Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda, which played its first American gig on Thursday at Lincoln Center’s Rubinstein Atrium. It’s a contemporary rock band collided with a traditional brass band, with drum rhythms leavening the mixture. It’s joyous and unpretentious and it gets over like crazy.

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